Same Time, Different Channel

If you could live your life all over again, would you change a thing?  If you had the chance to really sit back and see a film strip of your life, which parts would you alter, omit, or magnify?  Are these questions that you ask yourself from time to time or are you one of those people that loves your life as it is, has no regrets and sees every opportunity as a gift, a learning experience and doesn't feel the need to think about past moments, interactions or deeds?  I can't tell you if I'm on one end of this spectrum or the other.  I can't tell you whether that's good or bad or what it says about me as a person in general.  

For everything about my life that I wish I could change, I can think of something that has happened as a result that I wouldn't want to give up.  For every person that burned me, I can think of a lesson that I learned or how the emotional pain they caused me at the time, pales in comparison to the emotional trauma they could have caused had they remained in my life.  I think to myself, had I chosen to go to a different college and majored in a different discipline could I be in a more lucrative career soon after graduating instead of going on a decade long odyssey before finding a career that I really enjoy. But if I had chosen to do so, would I have also met an amazing group of friends such as those that I have now, who have turned out to be life long brothers, closer to me in spirit and actions than some of my very own biological family.

If I had made one or two more different choices as far as employment opportunities years ago, would I be making six figures by now?  But what would I do without the mentors I've met along the way who've imparted wisdom on me that have enriched my world ten times over? Had I called my cousin back the night he wanted to chat while I was studying for finals, would he have believed in me enough to call me to help keep himself awake as he fell asleep behind the wheel a week later? A byproduct of working extra hours for weeks so that he could provide for his twins that had yet to be born.  He would die a week later as a result of his injuries and I still haven't forgiven myself for not calling him back.  If I would have called him back, maybe he would have reached out and I could have talked him the rest of the way home.  

Many times I wonder if my life is what it should have been, or has it yet to reach its potential because of a failure to make the right choices at the right time.  Or did I?  Am I exactly where I'm supposed to be at this very moment in life? Is there another version of me, in another dimension who has made the inverse of the very same choices and chances that I've had, asking the exact same questions?  Maybe my life is meant to be no greater than it is at this very moment, and the privilage to fail worse, or triumph even greater has been reserved for different versions of myself in different dimensions.  

But how would I know and what should I do?  Am I destined to do more or destined to fail?  Have I already won and just don't realize it or am I on the verge of an epic victory and just need to keep on pushing? Is there more to life than what I see, experience and feel everyday or have I experienced the best that my life has to offer given the circumstances?  These are the questions that I have or are they not questions at all? Maybe they are just different lives that I'm living all at the same time.

Their Best Interests, Are In Fact, Against Practical Interests

There always seems to be some sort of confusion anytime I see someone trying to rationalize a Donald Trump Supporter.  There's always an excuse for the reason they voted for him and always some pundit on CNN trying to legitimize Trump supporter's reasoning for continuing to back him despite the fact that he seems to be going against everything that these so called disenfranchised, white working class American's need to feel like they are getting a fair shake in the world again.

The Failed Blueprint

We have laid the worse foundation possible for our children.  Every day you hear about misguided youth, children with no futures, children with no goals or direction and children who are self destructive and filled with so much anger.  But not once did we stop and ask why.  Not once did we stop and ask what their motivation is, why are they angry,  who are they angry with and why they have no direction.  And not once did we stop and take responsbilty.

The Game Has Changed....

Bare with me right now. I'm coming to you live from the living room, and it's been a while since I've posted anything. I promised myself that I would commit to writing again once my heart was back into it and although my heart may be back into it, I'm sure to be rusty.  If there's one thing this past year has taught me, it's that the game has changed.  What game is it that I'm speaking about? The game of life, the game of reality. 

But Y'all Don't Hear Me....

But Y'all Don't Hear Me....

It's been quite some time since made an entry into my blog. To be honest I just wasn't feeling it. I had nothing really creative to say and the only things I could think of were negative or thoughts revolving around the faux news from that mess we call the media (I'm talking about you Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC) regarding the election. Instead of just talking to be heard or to hear myself, I decided to be prudent and not say anything until I felt I had anything of value to put out there.

America Wants Things The Way They Are...

America Wants Things The Way They Are...

We hear it all the time, everytime something negative happens in society and minorities, along with the poor and downtrodden riot, we hear "Why do they have to destroy things? Why can't they protest peacefully? Don't they realize that their message and pleas are being lost amongst all the violence and destruction?" As if people weren't peacefully expressing their disdain and their issues before the riot began. Now we have a man, Colin Kaepernick, who is potentially sacrificing his pro football career and endorsements doing just that, protesting peacefully, and people still have an issue with it.