Thought Process...

I wonder what the thought process is for fashion designers who come out with their summer, spring, and fall collections.  Every time I check out one of the three annual GQ seasonal fashion previews it's always interesting what I find when I peel back the cover.  Many times you see retreads of seasons past with the only twist being the emphasis on a certain color or series of colors and you see an emphasis with change to a particular cut.  

Some of the things I see are drastically over priced and other times I see awesome collections that don't look expensive at all.  What really intrigues me are the inspirations of those collections which are unique, refreshing, yet somehow fall within those strict percieved rules of the giants of the fashion industry.  

Public School NYC , fall 2015

What incredible skill, creativity, and inpiration do these designers draw from to create a collection that seeminly flows together yet makes each piece stand on its own?  I wonder if I would be capable of doing such a thing.  I'm not sure, as I have a style that's all my own and follows no certain pattern or likeness from day to day.  

But you know what, I like it that way.  The way my mind works I'm not sure I have the talent or ability to design a collection where all the pieces stand well on their own while still fitting a certain theme, except for maybe color but probably not design.  It seems that in the fashion industry you have to follow strict rules while being creative enough to be considered in runway shows such as the premier fashion weeks across the globe like Paris, Milan, New York, and Miami.

 I would really like to give it a shot though.  I could definitly see myself attempting a collection for myself if I had the time, money, and resources to do so.  Do you think you could create a collection that would appeal to both the public and the industry without losing your identity?  Maybe one day I'll experiment a little with it.  Until then I'll remain content throwing people off balance with what I wear from day to day while checking out the seasonal collections in GQ every year.