Personal Project (Part One)...

Several days ago I watched videos of one of my favorite artists, Saul Williams, recite poetry and take part in interviews.  As what normally happens when I get into such an artistic mood and when I listen to his work, a lot of self reflection began to take place for me.  After listening to poetry which talks about all the ill will and ugliness going on in the world or about the complexity and irony of life, I start to think about my place in it all.  

My place being, do I walk the walk when it comes to fighting the good fight or am I just talking the talk and am I one of the people who either conciously or subconciously contributes to the negativity that I see on a daily basis.  Am I positive or negative impact on those that I interact with in everyday life?

I then decided that I wanted to try a personal project or experiment.  I decided that I wanted to respond to every bit of negativity that I may recieve this week with either a positive response or no response at all.  I wanted to see how something as small as constant positive reactions would affect my surroundings.  

Can my positive energy infect the people, places, and situations that I find myself around?  If so, would they be noticeable and how soon would I be able to see these changes?  Im sure many of you are saying, "Oh sure, respond to everything with postivity or don't respond at all, how hard can that be?"  

Well for many of us, I think it's very hard.  How many times have you been cut off in traffic and either laid in on your horn or swore out the window at the offender? Better yet, I bet even if you didn’t do that, you at least said something negative about the person to yourself or under your breath.  How many of you have dealt with a rude coworker of client and either responded back with your own rude remarks or have waited until the person left and said something rude about them to another coworker?  It almost happens by reflex for some of you.  You’re so used to doing it that you don’t even realize that it’s coming from your mouth until it already has.  

But if you could change this would you?  If you could change how you responded to these situations with positive interaction and it resulted it positive energy beginning to constantly emanate from every thing around you would you try to change how you respond to negativity?  That’s an experiment that I really want to try.  And starting today that’s the plan.  I may fail in some instances but that doesn’t mean I can’t restart or try harder the next time.  

I do know that if I do indeed begin to see positive changes, it may be a project that I begin to turn into a lifestyle.  Not that I’m a negative person or anything, I'm one who is very good at deescalating situations and I’m cordial and polite with everyone.  But I’m also human and have my moments just like anyone else.  So, at the end of the week I’ll write another post letting everyone know how this project worked out.  If it worked out well then maybe you too can try and see if it works for you.  Change starts with making the first step, so I guess I’m taking my step today.