What is it to know yourself?

What is it to truly know someone else?

What does it mean to search for the truth?

What does it mean to let you heart run loose? 

Are you brave enough to open yourself to love?

Even when circumstance doesn't fit like a glove? 

What does it mean to share blame?

What does it mean to bare shame?

What does it look like to fight against inferiority?

Is it okay to believe in superiority?

Do we ever cease to grow within?

Do we ever learn and grow through sin?

Are we ever able to learn from our pain?

Can the strain from pain make us insane?

Will it always be might that makes right?

For what are you willing to carry the fight?

Is education really the key to success?

Why do so many fail despite their best?

Why isn’t wisdom and cherished trait?

Why do we let others determine our fate?

What is it truly that brings you peace?

Is it the same thing that helps you sleep?

Can you tell me what you have learned from this?

Have you now learned ignorance may not always be bliss?


Ladies and gentlemen I am clearly not a poet.

As a matter of fact, I can’t even tell you why I wrote this.

Rather it’s a confession,

One which alludes to the fact that I do not have all the answers to life’s questions.