Silence And A Bit of Peace...

Peace and Quiet.  Those are words that many of us utter and something we wish for during times of stress, chaos, or at the end of a long hard day.  We crave for everything around us to slow down.  We want to get away from our over stimulating world, (albeit some of you stay plugged into your social networks via your cell phone) and tap out, relax, decompress and give our brains and ears a rest. 

But do we all really know the value of it?  Sometimes I wonder if we do, because as I said we still find ways to try and keep our brains stimulated with some sort of entertainment.  It’s almost as if it’s an unconscious urge or reflex to always need to see, hear, or touch something.  The origins and platform of peace and quiet should start with us. 

We have learn how to slow ourselves down.  Many times we don't realize that our environment is hectic and fast paced because we are.  We make our lives the way they are.  Our inward often manifests itself outward, creating the lives we all live and crave to get away from. 

Have you ever seen that one person that can remain quiet or peaceful in the midst of the storm, the chaos, and the muck?  I’ll bet that if you ask them what they are seeing or experiencing it’s not what you see or experience at all.  To them, the surrounding area probably doesn't seem to be crazy at all. It’s all relative.  I’ll bet if you could put up a moving slide show of what the two of you are experiencing, it’s probably the exact same thing as you, only their slide show is moving much slower, heart beat much slower, and stress levels much further down than yours.  I feel like one way, but not the only way to access this mode and train of thought is through silence.  No, not silence as it applies to our surroundings, but in the act of being silent ourselves. 

Silence can enable you to see the beauty of the chaos in this instead of fearing it.

Silence can enable you to see the beauty of the chaos in this instead of fearing it.

We live in an age of social media, reality TV and news feeds that make people feel like they need to be heard (Yes, I’m well aware of the irony of talking about people needing to be heard when I’m the one who has a blog).  But one thing I’ve tried to do a lot more lately is be quiet, not talk.  Now that’s not all that hard for me anyway, as in many situations I’m a person who doesn’t speak a lot initially.  It’s not that I’m shy, actually I guess I am in a way, but it’s that I’ve always been taught that you learn more when your mouth is closed and your eyes and ears are open (That lesson courtesy of my grandma and my father).  Usually when you see me sitting silently, that’s me surveying my surroundings.  That’s when I’m methodically analyzing my environment and the people in it.  I’m watching to see who may be trustworthy and who isn’t, who is comfortable in their own skin and who isn’t. 

I’m getting a grasp of who is telling lies and who is being honest, who is putting on a show and who could care less about what’s going on.  Being silent and watching, while everyone else feels the need to run their mouths gives you a distinct advantage of learning valuable information and giving you time to process it and use that knowledge to leverage it in a positive manner down the line.  You never know when you’ll need to recall something you heard or saw to help you out or decipher whether or not a situation that comes upon you is and advantageous one or negative one. Recently I’ve learned that silence serves another purpose other than gathering intel.  It serves the purpose of helping me to look deeper with in myself when I pay close enough attention to the quiet and stillness inside.  Being silent helps me to manage my emotions. 

Even nature has a sound, but you have to be quiet to hear it.

Even nature has a sound, but you have to be quiet to hear it.

My silence has made me more aware of frustrations that I shouldn't allow to be frustrations.  Being silent has allowed me to avoid people who have negative energy and bring about negative situations.  I’ve found that silence has even helped me to answer difficult questions that I have about myself and myeline as well as the lives of others.  Silence I have found, is truly blissful at times. 

It’s the most rewarding when I practice it versus wishing and hoping it come from the outside world.  I’ve even thought about committing to my silence by posting to my blog only once a week versus twice a week, tweeting less, and listening to that stillness from within more.  Silence has in essence allowed me to control the environment around me. 

I can now stand in the storm and chaos and see it for its beauty.  I can stand in the storm and see the details without being overcome by its power.  Silence has allowed me to become one with the power of the storm at times.  But look at me, here I go again with needing to be heard, so I’m going to do my self a favor and go silent for now.  Take it easy and you all have a good weekend!  Remember, silence is golden.