Get Your Popcorn Ready...

Friday night was a heavily anticipated night for me as I’m sure it was for many others.  It marked the day that Star Wars Episode 7 was released in theaters everywhere.  I was prepared as I had already ordered my tickets via Fandango the Wednesday before, since I knew that waiting to purchase any on Friday would be pointless as they would already be sold out.  As I expected when I got to the theater it was as busy as it could be.  There was a line to get into the show that was about twenty-five people long before they even opened the doors for the movie and there were police officers walking the halls as a form of crowd control to make sure no one got out of hand. 

Eventually as the doors opened thirty minutes before show time, everyone filtered in to make sure they got good seats.  After the thirty minute wait, the lights dimmed and the movie started, and I can tell you that right from the start the movie was everything that I thought it would be.  It was exciting, filled with a little suspense, a lot of action and the ending left you clamming for more while hypothesizing about the plot and characters that Episode 8 would have in store.  Unlike many other movie franchises that were carried on way to far such as Friday the 13th and Fast and the Furious, Star Wars did a good job of keeping some authenticity despite the fact that there were some remnants of Episodes past that were put into the new installment for those who’ve watched the previous six movies. 

The new villains are pretty cool, only one seemed corny to me (I won’t divulge who since I don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet) and the only other part that I thought was a little cheesy was some of the interaction between Han Solo and Leia.  Other than that I have to say it’s a great movie.  I’m pretty picky about the films that I would pay to watch since there’s red box and showing a little patience would allow me to watch any film in the comfort of my own home for a mere dollar and some change. 

But this film is one that I would pay to watch in a theater again.  For a movie that was more than two hours long, it kept me so engaged that I felt like it ended to soon.  The two hours felt more like one with all the action and the way the plot unfolded.  One thing is for sure though, the Skywalker legacy definitely has some issues and the fate of the galaxy continues to depend on every decision the protagonists and antagonists of the family make. 

There are several new characters introduced who play a large roll and Episode 7 sets the tone for their evolution and further involvement as central figures to the Franchise in the next few films that follow.  Film director JJ Abrams did just enough when it came to introducing us to new leading characters but also leaving much untold about their personal stories so that they each hold a lot of substance but leave a lot of mystery about them with much to discover about each later down the road.  With that being said, I feel like that’s all I can really say without giving details about the film and spoiling it for those who haven't watched it yet.  If you’ve seen the film then I’m sure you know what I’m talking about, and it would be interesting to hear your thoughts about it via comment. 

Let me know what you liked and didn't like and maybe your thoughts about what’s next in the future episodes.  And if you haven’t seen the film I suggest you make time to get out and go see it so you can offer your input and share it with me.  Trust me, it’ll be worth every penny you spend on the ticket and every minute that you wait in line.  Anyway, that’s my quick but vague review of the movie and I hope I didn't spoil it for anyone.  But if I did, who cares, go see it anyway.  It’ll will be a good way to start your week or end it.