What is true creativity?

Many people have different opinions and for some reason most tend to look to the art snobs of the world about what real art and creativity are.  Many artists abide by certain rules when creating their works of art and pieces, and that’s something I won’t argue with because I like to go by the motto, “To each his/her own”.  But I’ll ask you this question, is true creativity displayed by those who staunchly abide by the rules or those who find new ways to break rules? To those that truly know me, hearing that last part would come as a surprise because I’m known as someone who likes and tends to do things in an orderly manner, which could probably be expected when you’re born of two parents who served in the military.  But there is a such thing as having and doing things in order while not abiding by staunch rules for everything.  Like they say, rules are made to be broken right?  What would our world be like if no one dared to try anything different, and always performed or did anything by the status quo?  What if every scientist decided that theories, which are basically rules or guidelines (albeit unproven at the time) were rules that should not be challenged or broken?  In that case every major medical breakthrough that we’be encountered the last several hundred years which seem common place to us now, would not be available to us.  What if civil rights activists decided at the time that Jim Crow laws and legal discrimination should not be challenged because they in fact, at that time were very strict rules?  Our entire social structure would be different today, and not in a good way.  The point is, there are no innovations in life, no progression, no beautiful works of art when you have minds that are only willing to abide by every rule.  Creativity is learning how to cross that line in a way that isn’t expected, to create something that will leave a lasting impression.  If you ask me whose the most creative artist, the college art major trying to recreate a famous work of art or the four year old who refuses to color within the lines using complementary colors or “colors that go together”, I’ll tell you it’s the four year old.  Why? Because that child’s mind has not yet been contaminated and conditioned to believe that his work has to look just like everyone else’s around him.  He or she’s mind is free to wander to whatever depths that it can handle, to create whatever comes to their mind without the restrictions of any one else’s approval but their own.  That is true creativity, that is true freedom.  Maybe one day we can all tap back into that one part of our four year old selves to free our minds and truly be creative with no bounds and no limits.  Wouldn’t that be a beautiful sight?