The Coffee Table Essentials

We all have those days where we don't quite feel like getting outside and yet there isn't anything particular we care to watch on television. If you're like me, these are the moments that you want to read, whether it's a book (my preference) or a magazine.  This article in particular is going to focus on the light reading that I would recommend.  First up, Jazz Times magazine.

This is a no brainer if you're a jazz lover like myself.  Full of awesome articles on old Jazz greats like Rahsaan Roland Kirk, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis to new stars such as Robert Glasper or Marcus Miller.  Every issue provides reviews on new releases and if you want to find out where the next big jazz festival is near you, they usually have announcements and articles devoted to that as well.  It's not expensive and you can typically subscribe for a year for under $30.  For the man or woman who loves to catch up and read about some of the more intriguing topics in fashion, art, or pop culture, Vanity fair is a great pick up.  Occasionally you run across some articles that just don't interest you at all (such as the latest fall dress themes, I'm a guy, so I couldn't care less) but there is sure to be an article that really catches your eye like the article on the ensuing race between the Met and the Museum of Modern Art this past year for priceless pieces entitled "Might at the Museum".  

It's crazy how a few big name and art hungry billionaires can create an art arms race between two prominent Art museums.  Vanity Fair is the magazine that can appease the taste of both genders at home, because let's be honest, not every woman wants to pick up an ESPN magazine and not every guy is cool with reading a Vogue, although I must say I do read Vogue from time to time.  Vanity Fair has proven to be pretty versatile as far as being gender nuetral in reading content and you can find it pretty cheap as well.  GQ magazine transformed me into a loyal subscriber for the past eight years or so.  I love all the content it provides from the minor little grooming tips for men who are just beginning to take an interest in their appearance to articles on our favorite public figures.  There are sections that range from recommending the best books for the season, colognes arriving in your local department stores, to new seasonal wear from the greatest designers for those who are more fashion consientious.  If you're a business man who travels a lot, don't fret, there are occasional articles highlighting the best bars and restaurants across the country and globe to advice and tips about must have accessories for any traveling man.

 I actually carry a current month of GQ on me every where I go.  It's either in the car, a messenger bag or with my lap top.  You never know when you're gonna have the spare minute to kill by reading something short and sweet.  Are you a tech freak?  Do you have to purchase the new iPhone when it comes out or the new Samsung Galaxy?  If it's time to upgrade that MacBook or you're looking for the newest television or speakers to throw in the den, then Wired Magazine is what you want and need on deck.  Not only is Wired good for the aformentioned things, it goes in depth about the tech world.  From exclusives about how the new box office hit was made to reports on what the NSA or government is trying to do with your emails and phone calls, Wired has it covered.

The infamous or famous Edward Snowden.  Read his story in Wired Magazine  here.

The infamous or famous Edward Snowden.  Read his story in Wired Magazine here.

 I especially like when they do articles highlighting the technological geniuses of our day like Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla.  You learn the background and work that went into that new coupe you covet and why it costs what it does.  Wired has been in the forefront when it comes to giving incite to the direction the digital age is going and the advancements that make it possible.  These four magazines are the ones that I enjoy the most. There may be more that others like and read religiously but these are the select few that I would spend my money and reading time on.  Bottom line, get whatever it is that helps you relax and lose yourself in your down time.  Just make sure your time isn't wasted. After all, it's the one thing you can never get back.