New Year, New Outlook...

So today marks the beginning of the New Year and a fresh start.  People everywhere are hitting the gym fervently, folks are trying to kick age old bad habits and some are trying to start new positive habits.  I’m not really into New Year’s resolutions myself as I see everyday as a day to try and improve myself.  I think I kicked the idea or trend of making a New Year’s resolution backin college, during a time when I was really learning more about myself and forming a self discipline that I knew I would need to carry me through life.  I have no qualms with anyone who still participates in the making of resolutions, I only hope that you are able to keep these promises that you made to yourselves. 

I must say though, there is something to be said for the illusion of being able to “start over” or “turn back the clock.”  For some reason the date of January 1st makes everyone feel more like they have a clean slate than simply waking up every morning and deciding at that moment that their life can begin a new with a fresh outlook.  Why is it that folks can’t decide that June 7th or September 18th would be good days to quit smoking or eat better?  Why is it that people can’t decide that February 12th is a good day to take health and well being more seriously and begin to workout consistently?  When you look at it from a psychological point of view it’s very interesting how dates have such a big impact on our mindset of what is considered to be the clean slate and what isn’t. 

I know that for myself I want this year to be one of great progress personally and professionally.  I want this to be a year of revelations and growth mentally, emotionally, and intellectually and I’m really hoping things can look a lot better politically and globally this year as last year was nothing to be proud of as far as the political climate of the world is concerned.  Although I don't make resolutions I hope that all those who do and perpetuate negativity out in the world would make a resolution to turn away from all the negative energy.  Even if I don't believe in resolutions I would love for anyone out there living a narrow minded life and looking at the world through one single, dark, cloudy lens would make a resolution to open their eyes and begin to see all the differences in the world for the positives they are. 

I would love if the resolutions of world leaders was to work together more aggressively to stop atrocity, famine, homelessness, war and to work together to make the world a much more hospitable place for our youth.  They should want to set an example of how they should behave as adults while laying the blue print for how to preserve and prolong the life of our planet.  So yeah, it’s a new year and new start for everyone.  Let’s hope people make the right resolution for not only themselves but everyone else, and stick to it.  Wouldn't it be great to see folks working toward peace and not quit around March, much like all those folks who vow to workout more but forget about their resolution after a few months?  I know it sure sounds good to me.