Stand Firm And Believe...

There will be a time when you are faced with a set of challenges that may cause you to doubt yourself or challenge your beliefs.  These are the times when you need to have strength and believe in who you are.  I’ve been faced with these challenges just as many others have, and I had to realize that as long as I’ve been consistent with my words and my actions there is nothing for me to doubt.  Your life should never be dictated by your fears and insecurities and you should never live your life or question yourself over the fears and insecurities of anyone else. 

Many times these fears and insecurities are used to control you directly or indirectly and it is at these moments you must be grounded and rooted in who you are and what you know to be factual and true.  Life is too short to live on egg shells and regret will consume you if you don’t take chances and live your life to it’s greatest potential.  There are plenty of people living miserable lives because they never took the chances they wished they had taken which could have changed their lives, filled them with joy, and fulfilled them.  The world is full of people who are unhappy because they allowed their fears or the fear and insecurities of others dictate their every move. 

They let fears and insecurities cause them to question themselves to the point that they ignore what they know to be true and factual.  This is exactly what you can’t allow yourself to do.  Stand strong in the face of the storm, stand firm in your identity and your practice of consistency through out life.  Remember that instances like these are tests.  They are tests to see if you can remain faithful to yourself, remain faithful to the true you and your ultimate path to happiness.  Your life’s goals, dreams, and the people around you should all align with your path and if they don’t, then perhaps it’s time for you to reevaluate and let one or more of these things go. 

Not following your true path would be to suffer a slow death, to slowly allow part of you to disintegrate over time.  That is a life I would wish for no one and it’s a sure way to lose yourself and become the worst possible version of who you were meant to be.  Always allow your confidence and security to over rule any fear and insecurities you or anyone else may project.  Allow the consistency in your actions, words, beliefs, and the truth rule over everything else.  So stand firm like an Oak Tree and live your life to the fullest, live your life with no fear and maybe you can be an example for others to do just the same.