It Ain't Over Yet...

This day and age every where we turn it seems like we see the worst of people. We see tragedy, deceit, dishonor, and cruelty. People seem to go out of their way to fight and antagonize each other. Folks seem to genuinely despise anyone different from them, anyone with different views, and the last thing they seem to want to do is help their fellow human being.  

But you know what? It ain't over yet, and all is not lost. For every sad story you see or hear about, for every mean act by one person perpetuated upon another, you can still see good deeds and good folks around if you look hard enough. You can still see the true spirit of all that's decent about men and women when you take the time to look forward to it. You look at the disgusting situation in Flint, Michigan with it's residents having to deal with water that's heavily contaminated with lead and other vile chemicals and objects which could have easily been taken care of before it go to this point had it not been for certain government officials such as their governor and other powers that be.

Then you have their water company who has the nerve to still send out water bills and notices to shut water off to residents with past due bills when the product that they are putting out is subpar and unhealthy. Where are the business ethics with the water company and the governor? Where is the sanity and compassion? But just as you see horrible behavior like that, you also see situations like 300 plumbing union workers in the area and surrounding areas who go and install water filters for free for those Flint residents. You see football players and other folks from many walks of life who donate water bottles and water to these people. 

For every abused or abandoned animal out there, you see folks who are avid animal lovers and are eager to go adopt pets so that these animals aren't caged and euthanized. For every person that walks by the poor, helpless, and homeless you see others who hand those same homeless people money for food or go volunteer in shelters. The spirit of the Good Samaritan is not dead people, we just need to look for it more diligently and foster it. We must teach this principles to anyone else that cares to listen.  

For every corrupt politician we have in office and corrupt business man who is out there buying elections and selling jobs over seas, we have folks from every race and gender who are aware of it and are calling these folks out. They are protesting, organizing, and spreading the word about the injustice. You see, now is not the time to give up on humanity, it's the time to fight along with others who care to see humanity progress and improve. Now is not the time to lay down and take the beating, now is the time to take away the weapons we are being beaten with, whether those are literal weapons or its financial inequality, racial inequality, or social inequality.  

For every murder or death that occurs, there is a new life that is brought into the world, which means there is a chance to raise another child the right way, raise them in a way that gives them the tools to change the world in a positive manner. Boyle's law says that for every action there is an equal and  opposition reaction.  That means that for every horrible act we see in the world, we can help cancel that out by doing what's right.

You've seen the horrible things that big business is willing to do to our environment to capitalize and make more money while seeing very little of that money trickle down. We've seen it destroy our agriculture, make food unsafe and destroy our atmosphere. We know that entire species of plants and animals have been destroyed all for the sake of money or growing mega corporations. But we also hear the voices of environmentalist and small farmers who are willing to speak out against these practices verbally and via the Internet.  

If these men and women who don't have the financial resources to fight these big corporations can still stand up against them, then so can we.  Many say these are the last days and we don't have much time left. We are killing each other and finding more ingenious ways to destroy our planet. But it ain't over yet, we're still here. That means we still have a chance to change things. I'm not giving up on us, and if you don't either, we might just make it.