You've Been Put On Notice...

Attention, all you politicians not doing your jobs, Fortune 500 companies taking advantage of the poor and underprivelaged. To you billionaires and millionaires lacing the pockets of political figures so that you can keep hold of your ivory tower while you continue to take from the poor and middle class leaving them down trodden and hopeless. For all of you racist and fascist who continue to spread hate and infect the minds of the youth so that they may grow up and emulate the same ignorant, hate filled ideology that you possess and destroys people at their core. 

To you in the top one percent who engage in the diabolical game of putting those in the lower classes against one another by using race as a catalyst so that the masses are to busy fighting amongst each other to notice that they have a common and far greater problem, which is you and your greed. To every racist or dirty police officer who misuses his power and disgraces the badge for all of the good police officers out there, putting their lives on the line.  For everyone out there who sees the poor and downtrodden on the streets everyday and does nothing. 

To every man out there not taking care of his children, and every woman who makes everything but her child her main priority.  For every educator doing the job everyday and going through the motions and not caring whether or not their students get a proper education. To every student who sits in class but has no intention of bettering themselves. To all of you I have named above and those who have gone unnamed.

To you religious zealots who go against the very tenants of your very own religion and preach a non accepting doctrine which excludes and even harms others because of their beliefs, views, or orientations.  To those of you who are aware to the ills of the world and your community, but refuse to help because in your words, "It doesn't affect me so why should I care?"  To you xenophobes who refuse to accept anymore immigrants in this country despite the fact that your lineage probably isn't native to America neither.

We see you, we hear you, we know exactly what you're doing, and we know exactly who you are!  There is only a matter of time before we rise up against you for the good of us all. There is a growing number of us whether we be black, white, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, and any other race or religion out there who have had enough. We are students, teachers, police officers, mail men, grocery store clerks, garbage men, mechanics and those of many other professions and walks of life, as well democrats, republicans, independents and those who don't care about politics at all. 

The time is coming when we will no longer stand by and let you destroy the very fabric of our existence by trampling over and taking advantage of the least of us.  You've been able to do as you please so far and that gives you a false sense of security.  You've been able run amuck as they say, feeling protected by a system that we have let get out of hand.

But you have been warned, we are becoming more aware, we are becoming hip to the game you are playing. Beware the day when we decide to band together regardless of race, profession, political affiliation or creed and decide to shut the game off.  You've just been put on notice.