When Opportunity Knocks...

Today I had an amazing conversation with one of my best friends and earlier this week I made another professional decision spurred on by another friend of mine that together, I believe will change the course of my life.  If all goes as planned, my life will start to see an upward trajectory that extends even higher than it has been for the last six months.  Right now I feel like I'm really beginning to hit my stride as a professional.  Opportunities are presenting themselves everywhere I turn, some as a result of the networking and hard work that I've done over the last few years and some of it by pure chance or because someone else has noticed potential in me to do things that I would have never believed I was capable of doing.  

It really feels amazing to be in a position where it’s as if the stars have aligned for me and everything is a possibility, when for years I've felt like I was hitting a plateau in my professional life and like things had been stagnant when it came to work.  For years I was saddled with the feeling of working a job that I knew I was over qualified for and very unsatisfied with.  In situations like that, the only thing you believe can remedy such a feeling is through your bank account.  You feel that if you can’t at least enjoy what you’re doing and if you can’t advance professionally you at least want to get paid a lot.  You think that a large pay check will provide some sort of satisfaction or security.  But I couldn't even rely on that, as my pay definitely wasn't anything to brag about. 

Little did I know, that last year around this time, right before a near death experience that my intentional efforts to network strategically would begin to pay off.  Those efforts culminated into a series of events that led me to a new job that I love and more money.  Although the money is nice, nothing can take the place of working a job that you genuinely enjoy doing day in and day out.  Along with the new job, a renewed energy and confidence has come with it.  That positive energy has manifested into other opportunities that have made me feel like my whole world has opened up.  It’s made me feel like an athlete that’s in a zone.  That feeling where everything you touch turns into gold and anything you think of will come to fruition. 

In a year I’ve gone from a hard worker who felt he had no opportunities to someone with everything in the world at his fingertips and it’s a feeling I hope never goes away.  Right now I’m preparing to speak at Emerging multicultural leadership conference in two weeks while also working on two other projects in design and literature.  So yeah, the stars have indeed aligned and opportunity has come knocking.  I intend to open the door and take full advantage of each and every one of these opportunities.  So may this feeling live on as long as possible and my stars remain in the straightest of lines!