Mission Accomplished...

Have you ever been somewhere and the vibe was exactly what you needed for the day or night?  The music and the atmosphere were on point and fit exactly where you were mentally at that very moment?  I’ve had those moments plenty of times but nonetheless, I still relish it whenever it comes around as if it’s the first time I’ve ever felt that way.  Places and experiences like that let you finish your night with a feeling that your mission was accomplished.  The place that met those needs for me this weekend was the Bedlam Lowertown in Downtown St. Paul. 

It wasn’t my first time there as it’s also a location that holds many events from spoken word, plays, social political discussions, concerts (The Foreign Exchange will be in town performing there soon), breakdancing goes on there as well and it’s a late night venue for Jazz musicians on those nights that the Jazz festival is going on in the summer.  This past weekend as I and three of my friends walked in everything just felt right.  The atmosphere was perfect, it wasn't to crowded and the music was great.  It was a nice blend of old school hip hop, R&B, under ground hip hop, alternative and some jazz.  The lighting was soft and seemed to match the tone of the music, there weren't a bunch of knuckleheads running around trying to exert or prove their manhood and people seemed to genuinely be there to just relax, have a good conversation and have fun. 

That’s a stark contrast from a lot of night spots these days where the crowd seems to be in a competition to see who can get the most drunk, women see who can be the most scantily clad and men seem to need to have a stare down with every other male in the room in competition for those very same females who aren't paying attention to them or the guy they’re competing with anyway.  That night at the Bedlam was just the perfect way to spend the night with good friends and wind down from a crazy work week while gearing up for the next.  I feel like there aren't enough spots like this around town, at least not many that fit the style and vibe that I seek.  I’m sure there are others, I’ve just not come across many of them yet. 

Anyway, I won’t keep going on and on about it but I do hope that you can find a place like this yourself.  A place without all the crazy frills and extras but all the substance and fun you can experience in the city on aweekend or weekday for that matter.  Anyway, take it easy and I hope your week starts off well, as for me and my weekend, Mission Accomplished.