Sand And Spirit...

I was winding down my Sunday night watching an episode of Naked And Afraid and I watched the participants trek through a desert and finally a river for five miles before they could reach their extraction point and finish the twenty-one day challenge.  I couldn’t help but to be mesmerized at the site of the desert.  I thought to myself, the desert happened to be the site of a lot of biblical and historical events and symbolized a place where many found themselves spiritually and found mental strength. 

Personally I would love the opportunity to go trekking through the desert, to explore, and to be alone with my thoughts so that I may see where it all leads me.  I’m a firm believer that silence and nature will tell you a story, either about yourself or about nature itself.  The image of people walking through the desert reminds me of when I used to take walks on the beach while I lived in Florida.  I can still remember every grain of sand coming up between my toes and wrapping around my feet with every step.  The warmth surging up through my body from my feet with the only difference being that on the beach you can hear the ocean in the background, but in the desert the only thing you may hear are your foot steps and the wind.  To me, 

I guess sun and sand are the equivalent to serenity and enlightenment.  They are four things that I am forever in search of, and make me feel that much more complete when I’m able to have either one of them.  One day I would love to take a pilgrimage through the deserts in Africa and the Middle East, to take a two or three month period and walk in silence, think, and record all that I’m feeling and can extrapolate from the experience.  I think it would be an extremely spiritual event, albeit not particularly attached to any one religion although I know different religions practice spiritual excursions that are very similar. 

I’ve even noticed just sitting here thinking about how much my heart rate has slowed, how I am more present and in the moment.  To be able to feel this fleeting moment for months at a time or learn how to feel it consistently for the rest of my life would be well worth the trip and the money it would take to fly to these locations to begin such a journey.  Just maybe, one day I’ll be able to make it happen.