What do you put your energy into? Or I should rephrase that to how do you transfer energy, because energy doesn't belong to any one person. It can't be created, only transferred. Energy simply exists, flowing from state to state, forever being used by one being or organism to another and stored by some. Do you use energy in a creative fashion?

Do you transform energy in some consistent way as an outlet to get away from different, distracting aspects of life? Or do you use it to create havoc, discord, and discontent? I would like to think that I'm one who uses energy in a more creative way. Instead of using it to focus on negativity, creating negativity or chasing down lies, misperceptions, and discontentment of an adversary, I ignore what I can't use and take what I can use to create something useful or whimsical.

I could use it wasting time chasing down the ugliness that some like to spread, but I've made a concentrated effort to not embark on such a route and instead explore all the posibilties that positive energy transfer brings. What do you do, and how do you do it? I admire the way some are able to let energy use them as a vessel to manifest amazing feats of art, intellectual achievement, and astounding displays of humanity. And the greatest thing about it all, is these displays can come from the least of us, the small, the meek, and the displaced. Energy has always been around and it always will be in one form or another. How will you use the energy at your disposal?