And So It Begins....

It’s late, maybe three o'clock in the morning, lightening brightens the sky and thunder shakes the house.  He hasn't been able to sleep at all except for maybe fifteen minutes here and there, but nothing consistent.  Nothing close enough for him to get a substantial amount of rest or call sleep.  He’s been up contemplating if now is the time, the time to do something that has crossed his mind for weeks, months, maybe even several years but hasn't had the courage to actually carry it out.  Every time he thinks that he should just go ahead and do it he begins to think about his different responsibilities. 

He thinks about the bills he has to pay, the job that he likes and the career that he hasn't quite reached the pinnacle of.  He wonders what his family will think and how his loved ones will feel if he just takes this leap of faith and goes forth with this idea.  After about an hour of contemplation, with the thunder still roaring and the rain coming down in sheets, he decides to raise up out of bed.  He grabs and pair of shorts, puts on his favorite hoodie and finds his back pack.  He begins to run down the list of things that he will need.  He takes three of his favorite books; The Alchemist, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and The Odyssey.  He grabs his notebook that he writes and sketches in, a pencil, a few pieces of fruit, a couple of water bottles, he grabs his laptop, charger and cell phone although he has no idea if he will actually be able to use either or land anyplace he could actually charge either item. 

But that doesn't matter, not one bit. For once he’s finally decided to do what he’s been thinking so long and hard about.  Part of the excitement, and point is to do this with no plan at all.  The point is to truly experience and engage with every unplanned moment that he possibly can.  He stares at his home with one last glance as another crack of thunder and lightening booms through the sky. He grabs his backpack and bike and walks out the door for perhaps the last time ever.  For with this trip, he knows not what the future holds for the direction of his life.  All he knows is that the pavement has been calling him for too long and it’s time for him to answer the call.  And just like that he’s off on his bike in the rain.  He isn’t worried about his laptop or phone because his backpack is water proof. 

He notices that he's no longer tired but full of energy as he begins to pedal through the monsoon type rains.  In the middle of the night he notices that it’s just him and his bike with the roads all to himself since there isn't a car in sight.  Several hours into his ride just before he exits the city he thinks about the fruit that he's thrown into his backpack, hoping that it isn't getting smashed and wondering if he should stop in another hour or so to camp out and lay by the side of the road to eat a little under some sort of overpass as the rain is still coming down fast and furious.  He lets those thoughts come and go, he continues to pedal and begins to tap into all his senses, smelling the air and the rain which translates into a taste in his mouth. 

He feels the air and water pelt his face and the weight of his hoodie increase as it’s now saturated from all the percipitation. He thinks about all he’s left behind, he thinks about the few possessions he has on him at the moment and wonders how he will explain the feeling he’s having in this exact moment as he continues to ride out of the city.  A wry smile creeps across his face, and he thinks to himself, I've finally done it……. (To be continued)