Perilous Times....

As much as I don't want to beat a dead horse or repeat myself, I almost feel like there's nothing else that I can or feel like writing about except for what's been going on in America this past week.  I want to continue my story about my wayward traveler, and I will at some point, but the fact of the matter is that this week's events have taken a lot out of me as far as my creative palette is concerned.  I wanted to paint this week and couldn't even find the desire to get out the canvas and paint.  I wanted to get out on my bike and start training for a one hundred mile bike ride that I have planned with a buddy of mine and I wasn't motivated to do that either. I mean damn, it's just been a rough week mentally and emotionally as a whole for this country and even more if you're a minority.  

We have bared witness for the umpteenth time to some of the most tragic events ever on back to back days.  It's not like these police shootings are anyting new, but the fact that two highly publicized shootings happening on back to back days and the growing unrest and angst that minorities have been feeling finally came to a rumbling boil and society nor the police were prepared to deal with it even though the table for this to happen has been set for years.  Between the way Law Enforcement in Baton Rouge is handling protests by going as far as to arrest protestors who are protesting from private property in which they had permission to stand on, (which makes those arrests illegal by the way) and the unwillingness of many Americans to admit there is both a policing and racial problem in America, I'm now convinced that no aliens could have possibly visited Earth in search for intelligent life because we have displayed quite possibly the dumbest behavior and reasoning that history has seen in quite some time.  

America, we have both a racial and policing issue with serious racial undertones are the main drivers for the issues that we find in many police departments around the nation.  Deal with it, get with it, and fix it.  Denying it is only making things worse and for those of you who refuse to acknowledge it, you better start because you have to share the planet with the very people you refuse to acknowledge are suffering at the hands of such deadly and bias treatment at the hands of the police department.  When things start to get bad enough for us, you better believe that it is eventually going ot affect you as well and it won't be in a positive fashion either. One of the most basic human instincts that we all have is that of survival. When that is threatened, people will begin to fight back by any means. So please realize that you are not excluded from the collateral damage that may arise from this battle for survival.  

Don't take that as a threat because it's not, it's simply a fact of life and it's reality.  We are all linked just as nature and the food chain are.  And when one link disapears of fractures, the entire chain falls apart.  People think of massive asteroids, earth quakes, plagues, nuclear wars or super novas as extinction level events.  Extinction level events are known as major events in history that can end life as we know it on a planet much like scientist say what happened to dinosaurs when Earth collided with an asteroid.  Did any of you stop to think that a total lack of failure in proper human and racial relations could lead to an extinction level event as well?  Did you stop and think that the complete erosion of any type of civil moral fabric could lead to the end of civilization as we know it?  You can think that I'm going over the top if you want but there's nothing about the brewing tensions that we are seeing that indicate that we will leave anything around for our great grandchildren at this point if nothing is done to change the course.  

I don't know what else to say except wake up and get it together.  Those in denial need to realize that the first step to fixing a problem is to admit that there is one.  Once you can admit there is a problem then you can work towards a solution. For those of us who realize there are issues that we face as a society, we need to come together and unite to form stronger coalitions.  The balled up fist can strike many times harder than the open hand and individual fingers.  If we want to drive home a point and make our presence felt in a more significant manner, then its time to come together and form a more unified front and cohesive agenda, and stop letting the subtle differences distract and devide us from our more common and ultimate goal.