(Being) Apart of the Journey....(cont.)

It's been a few hours since he's had his encounter with the strange begger who wound up teaching him a valuable lesson.  He's been pedaling around and exploring this new town that he's in, oddly gazing at the pavement as he rides.  He notices all the cracks, rocks, and in some places broken glass that he has to avoid for fear of getting a flat tire.  He thinks to himself how much more he enjoys riding on newly laid concrete and road as it provides for a much smoother and faster ride.  Either way, he's got plenty of time on his hands and he's enjoying this feeling of having all the time in the world at his beckoning.  

As a matter of fact, it's almost as if time is actually standing still, or like it doesn't exist.  The only thing that reminds him of time is the rising and setting of the sun, the coming of day and night, the clock on his phone, and his stomach which grumbles after he's gone so long without taking a bite to eat.  As soon as anything negative comes across his mind, such as the ridiculous political campaign that is ensuing at the moment, he brushes it aside with the reminder to himself that as of right now, he isn't a part of the rest of the world.  He feels as if he's almost off the grid, non existent to anyone or anything but himself and he begins to take great pleasure in that thought everytime that it arises.  

He promised himself that on this journey, this ride, the only thing that matters is himself and his goals of achieving inner peace and if possible, to transcend life and basic existence.  As he's deep in thought he doesn't take in account the intersection that he's about to cross and nearly gets hit by a car.  He's pulled back into reality by the screeching of brakes and a loud horn from the car he never saw coming.  He continues on his way pretending as if he doens't see or here the angry driver's gestures through his peripheral vision. Nonetheless, he continues down the road pumping his legs as hard as he can possibly go at the moment, gaining speed at a high rate.  About two miles down the road something catches his attention off in the distance.  In a park, for some reason he is able to spot a blue jay, so he begins to slow down and ride in the bird's general direction.

He stops about fifty feet from the Blue Jay making sure not to frighten it.  He gets off his bike, opens up his backpack and pulls out a notebook and pencil and begins to sketch what he sees.  As he's attempting to sketch the bird in it's environment, he thinks to himself how simple the bird's life seems to be at the moment.  At that very moment it dawns on him.  It dawns on him that life too could be so simple for human beings but it isn't.  And the reason it isn't simple is because we make life difficult for ourselves.  We distract ourselves with everything but what really matters.  

At that particular moment what really matters is what the bird is displaying, which is to go about it's daily life in harmony with nature.  Not doing too much, but not wasting it's life by entertaining itself with needless things.  The bird is simply being.  He thinks to himself, wouldn't it be nice if he could learn to just be at all times.  Wouldn't it be nice if we could all learn to just be?  If we could do that, maybe, just maybe one day it would all make sense.  Until then, he's got to ride on.