Rallying Cry...

This past week marked the 2016 Republican National Convention and boy let me tell you, what a unbelievable show it was.  An unbelievble show of a dangerous, racist, nationalist sentiment that has always been in America, but picked this stage to make a grand appearance on a national stage. The vitriol that spewed from the mouths of former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani and Sheriff David Clarke is just a bit of the disgusting legacy that America has decided to put on full view for the world to see.  To me, the convention resembled an unhinged pep rally of heathens and folks with low moral value on a grand scheme.  Am I saying that all Republicans are people with low moral value and are racists and fascits? No I'm not, but the convention did nothing to help their image at all. 

And to sum it all up, just when it looked like the circus couldn't get any worse, you have Ted Cruz probably doing the first intelligent thing that I've read, heard, or seen him do during this entire campaign, and that was to not blindly follow and endorse Donald Trump and instead tell the rest of the Republican contingent to vote their conscience.  Finally someone willing to do the right thing instead of blindly following orders that he knew he didn't agree with.  That move he pulled, despite the fact that I agreed with it, showed just how internally fractured the party actually is, with others who didn't have enough courage to speak out against Trump themselves.  So essentially you have the Republican Party that is divided now into two parties.  Donald Trump has revealed that America, doesn't just have a Republican party but they have a fascist party as well, shades of Mussolini and Italy anyone?

I actually don't expect much better from the Democratic National Convention either.  Although I don't see their disfunction being centered around racists and fascists battling for power against the old Republican Party, the release of wikileaks about the corruption and members of the DNC committee planning to purposefully sabotage Bernie Sanders shows the lack of integrity that lies within the Democratic party as well.  Let me be clear, although I do not intend to vote for Donald Trump or support anyone with his racist and fascist ideals, I also don't condone the sleezy activity going on amongst the Democratic party as well.  I mean, whatever happend to good ole fashioned campaigning and people winning nominations fair and square based off of their stance on issues and how well they presented themselves?  Many will say those days actually never existed, which to be honest is partially true.  But I'll tell you what, I don't think it's been this dirty and corrupt on both sides since the days of the Roman Empire and the jockeying for seats in the Roman senate.  As a matter of fact the Democractic party or contingent has shown it has a fracture itself.  Showing an image that in itself also lies two different parties, that of Democratic Socialist and traditional Democrats. 

It seems that American politics, once regarded as the standard barer for the world by some, is simply a joke now.  Politics in America is like a giant circus run by political clowns with it's main focus on getting money from lobbyist and dishonest, mud slinging campaigns.  Yet we still have the nerve to try and tell other countries how they should govern themselves.  I'm still shaking my head at that one.  We have people who are actually trying to petition the White House to recognize Black Lives Matter as a racist terrorist group when all they want is equality and their representation is composed of all races, so tell me how that makes any sense.  We also have folks dismissing the needless deaths of African American men by police officers by constantly bringing up black on black crime when in reality black on black crime doesn't exist.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, boy hasn't she been a dishonest and disappointing representative for the Democratic party. 

Debbie Wasserman Schultz, boy hasn't she been a dishonest and disappointing representative for the Democratic party. 

Now before you go off on your tirade about me saying black on black crime doesn't exist, you need to hear my rationale.  It's the police force themselves along with psychologist who admit that crime, especially murder is a crime of opportunity committed by people who are close to or know the victim.  So as most of our communities are homogenous anyway, and when you add in the fact that many people in America know and congregate with others of the same race and ethnicity, its by default that most black people are killed by other black people.  It's also true that most white people are killed by other whites, asians by other asians, hispanics by other hispanics and so on and so forth.  Yet we never hear about white on white crime or hispanic on hispanic crime.  It's as if those phrases don't exist.  I myself have never heard them.

So all of you who wish to instantly bring up black on black crime as a way to dismiss the killing of African Americans by police officers, you must also start talking about white on white and etc.  If not, then you've essentially shown me and others who you are, you are the same racist people who think America is your country and you deserve every right and opporutnity in the world as long as you're white or of the majority.  You are in fact, one of the raving facists that would probably be screaming in joy as you listened to the nonsense spewed at the RNC.  The DNC has yet to happen, but I tell you what, as far as integrity is concerned, although I don't expect racist undertones in the speeches, I'm definitly not expecting much honesty to come from it.  But one can only hope.  One can only hope that the rallying cries that we've heard at the RNC and what we will hear from the upcoming DNC aren't the true rallying cries from those who really want the best from this country.  One can only hope that the rallying cry of true Americans who want the best, and equality for EVERYONE in this country, is what rings through in the end.