Back to Reality.

So I know I've been in the midst of posting a story the last few weeks but in lue of the events that happened in Baton Rouge recently, I've got to take a break from story telling and speak on this a bit.   I've spoken about the unnecessary killing of black men before in my posts and even spoke about how my fellow brothers and sisters don't stay diligent enough to organize and see out change in a post I labeled "Lack Of Focus", about a year ago.  And one year later, nothing has changed.

America is like one giant episode of Duck Dynasty. Where am I getting this analogy you say? Well, just like Ducks in the show, black men and women are being killed left and right seemingly for sport.  The family who is the main focus of the show, much like America and it's history with black folks, makes money off of our deaths, our backs, and appropriating our culture.  One year later, two years later in some cases that I outlined in earlier posts, there has been no change what so ever. Are we serious right now?!

I mean this is crazy, these crimes and killings are so blatant and bold that I'm questioning the good cops that do exist, "Why the hell aren't you calling out your horrible and less deserving colleagues?" Some of you may be saying why am I saying there are some good cops out there? Well because there are. I know there are. I have two friends that are and my younger sister is one. And me saying all cops are bad would be like white supremacists saying all black men are criminals, all black women are welfare queens are all black folks deserve to be shot for no reason.

It isn't right, it's ridiculous and it's not true. But I tell you what, for the good officers that are out there, y'all aren't doing yourselves any favors by staying quiet while bad cops are out there roaming and trigger happy when it comes to black folks. Black people, it's going to take more than Twitter, tee shirts, this blog post, and a few protests to change this. But you damn well better find the courage to do so because this is resembling a slow moving genocide and so far we aren't coming out on top. Some of y'all would rather spend time at the club then spend time organizing and trying to change this issue of black folks being slaughtered by the hands of bad officers who swore an oath to protect and serve.  

But I tell you what, you better get with it or you or one of your friends and family could be next. I bet you wish that was a hollow warning or rhetoric but it isn't, it's a fact.  The game ain't changed like Biggie said, the game is the same and we're on the losing end.  Step up, step out, and let's do something, please.