To Live And Ride...

The storm must have passed and been over for a while now and he had no idea how long he had been laying in the road.  He woke up feeling a slight chill and feeling soaked.  He must have just laid there and slept for a while.  He opened his eyes, looked around for a bit and surveyed the area.  He saw leaves, debris and things of that nature lying around but other than that he didn't see anything else except for his bike.  

He slowly picked himself up off the ground and walked over to his bike to retrieve it.  After grabbing and checking on his bike, he next opened up his back pack to see if his laptop and the rest of it's contents were in good shape and in working order.  His pack back was welded on the inside at the seams and was also a rolltop bag.  

Why was this important? Well to simply put it, it meant that it essentially made his back pack water proof.  A bag constructed in this manner pretty much sealed all water out of it and would do so in any situation short of being completely submerged under water for an extremely long period of time.  He thought about when he first purchased the bag and how he thought he was spending alot for it but decided to go ahead and splurge anyway.  In his current situation he was telling himself that it was money well spent.  

The second thing he thought about was how long he must have been lying there along the road after a horrible storm and everything was left untouched, even him.  The fact that no one had bothered to wake him up or check on him really struck him.  He could have been seriously hurt, he could have died and no one would have done a thing.  Yeah, maybe no one had come down the road yet to have the opportunity to see him, but that was highly unlikely as the road seemed to be one that was in use although it may not be a very busy one and he had to be laying there for hours.

He thought to himself,  what does that say about that world?  When people can walk or drive by someone just laying on the road and not do anything about it.  He shook his head and thought to snap out of it, be happy that he still had all of his faculties and to continue on his way.   He jumps back on his bike and presses on.  He begins to think a little about one of the books he brought along with him and how this journey kind of mirrors it a bit.  

The Odyssey, the great Epic written by Homer about a clever king and general by the name of Odysseus who goes off to fight in the Trojan war and before he can get home, his trip takes him on a ten plus year journey that is prolonged by his arrongance and the trials and tribulations, or rather tests that he has to face along the way at the hands of the gods.  He thinks to himself what a tale his own journey can and may turn out to be and he smiles a bit.  

He's been riding for a few hours, approximately four or five, and decides to pull over and snack a little.  He takes inventory of his rations at the moment and decides to listen to some music. So he puts on his headphones, turns on some music and just listens.  As he's zoning out he begins to think about the little lessons he's learned so far from the most unsuspecting people, places, and situations.  

Then he begins to wonder about all the wisdom there is in the world and all the wisdom that is to be had if he truly allows himself to absorb everything about his journey.  He thinks about life, his thinks about his family, he even thinks for a second about what must be going on in mainstream society at the moment.  He lets this go on for about an hour before deciding it's time to get back on the bike and continue his ride.  As he gets back on his bike he looks off to the side of the road about five feet away from himself and sees an old mageazine cover that's tattered and torn.  The only part that he can really read is the title, "LIFE".  He smiles to himself and says, that's what it's all about, the good parts and the bad.