The Light Of Wisdom...

I walked by looking at the beautiful sky, and came across a burning bush

I walked by, and didn't know why, but I stopped by the burning bush

The burning bush spoke to me

It asked me if I wanted to be free

The bush told me to stop chasing the spotlight

The bush asked me to harness my own light

It was because of the burning bush, that I learned how to be me

It was when I spoke to the burning bush, that I learned how to be free

But let's pause, am I really free if I wait for a bush to allow me to be?

Can I really be me, if I've never known what it is to be free?

Am I defined by the constructs of others?

Have I been conditioned to not peel back realities cover?

After these questions the bush ceased to speak

After these questions, the heat from the bush was absorbed and began to rise inside of me.