Sometimes Opportunity Knocks, But You Have To Let It Keep Knocking...

Sometimes opportunity comes knocking, and sometimes we create them.  When it comes to our professions or the opportunities in life, many of us like to calculate them.  We constantly work and make decisions or choices that we think will set us up or spring board us to that next promotion or job down the line that will give us that satisfaction of achievement and see that next big pay check.  This concept isn't anything new, as this behavior is what most of us who aren't doing what we love for a living engage in on a regular basis.  But sometimes we miscalculate.  Sometimes we ask all the right questions and do our homework the best we can only to find out later down the road that we've made a mistake, a miscalculation if you will.  

This is something that I've recently learned.  We are all taught that opportunities only come around every so often.  Some opportunities we are taught, may only come around once, so as a result we should never turn down these chances and always walk through that door when one opens.  What we are never told is something that we should also be aware of, something that I've just recently figured out.  And that lesson that I've just recently come to learn is that every opportunity, isn't the right opportunity.  Sometimes when that door opens, you have to go ahead and let it close or leave it for another to walk through.  

Succumbing to the Icarus complex (blind ambition), is never a good thing because it can lead to failure or in worst cases, your own destruction.  I've learned to be patient in my personal life, and I shall also have to learn how to be in my professional life.  Professional growth just like personal growth takes patience and the ability to learn many lessons along the way through experience and success, but also through mistakes and failures.  Right now I'm also learning what it means to manage, successfully navigate, and make the most out of a situation when the opportunity you take wasn't necessarily right one.  

Right now I'm learning how to take the proverbial bullet for the sake of preserving professional relationships and not burning bridges and I can surely tell you that it is indeed a hard bullet to bite. I can also tell you that with the right outlook I can definitely find the silver lining and train myself to grow regardless.  It takes a strong, patient, and wise person to truly grow in a situation where there is no chance at success.  It takes even more wisdom to look at a situation where you may have lost professionally even though you have completed the work, and excelled and know that you yourself aren't a failure.  With situations such as these you have to realize that the victory isn't in the work, the victory is in the ability to work, excell, and learn in spite of!  While I wasn't able to see this before, I am able to see it now after speaking with several wise mentors.  And I am now able to walk with my chin up, confident, wiser, and ready for the next opportunity that happens to be the right opportunity.