The Game Has Changed....

Bare with me right now. I'm coming to you live from the living room, and it's been a while since I've posted anything. I promised myself that I would commit to writing again once my heart was back into it and although my heart may be back into it, I'm sure to be rusty.  If there's one thing this past year has taught me, it's that the game has changed.  What game is it that I'm speaking about? The game of life, the game of reality.  The thin veil of common sense has been removed and we are seeing the seeds that humanity has planted over the years come to bear fruit.  

 Some of us may have forsaw or experienced some of the events that have come to pass such as white supremacy roaring it's ugly head, the electing of a racist president and the introduction of policies that black folks and most minorities have always fallen victim to. Terrible legislation that takes advantage of our livelihood and wellbeing is nothing new to Black America, but now some of the white community that aren't affiliated with the one percent, who have always felt or been exempt from these destructive policies, are now feeling the brunt and fear of inequities. Some of White America who aren't preoccupied with toting around tiki torches and shouting hateful words are now afraid of having to live a stark reality that they have been privileged to watch black folks endure over the years from the sidelines.  

Everything is under attack, it doesn't matter where you turn. Scientist are seeing their work be met with total disregard from the new administration. Teachers are seeing policies being passed down to them by a woman who seems barely educated enough to spell education (Betsy Devos), and women are beginning to see an attack on their reproductive rights (for the 53 percent of white women that voted for Donald Trump, kudos for voting away control of your bodies) by a Republican party which has always preached against big government but is using government power to control what a woman can do with her body. I mean damn, sooner or later their will be a war against knowlege and wisdom and we will see people smuggling books, wisdom, and running knowlege like it's moonshine just to keep hope alive for the intellectual side of humanity.

Heroes for our children these days are The Real Housewives instead of hardworking mothers.  Our son's idolize anyone with a contract except for hardworking fathers.  We listen to remedial rap but won't listen to good advice.  We grow hatred in the youth instead of healthy food to eat, and then we have the nerve to ask, "What's wrong with kids today?"  And it doesn't stop there.  The biggest story in the NFL happens to be racist owners like Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys, actively working to keep a man out of the NFL for speaking out about human rights and the inequitable treatment and destruction of the black body by an under trained and unchecked police force. Simultaneously, millions of racist Americans are upset at NFL players for taking a knee during the National Anthem as a form of protest when most of these "angry fans" have never served the county and disrespect the principles the nation was founded opon daily, while completely ignoring the carefully and repeatedly articulated reason for the protest to begin with.  

But America is supposed to be the standard correct?  We are constantly trying to infuse our brand of politics on other countries when we haven't even read the instruction manual on how to properly treat all citizens in our own nation.  Oh don't let me forget about the pizza tycoon.  Pappa John's want's to pull adds from the NFL because players fighting for equality for minorities is hurting his bottom line. It's not the fact that his pizza is over priced and just not that great.  And what about Evangelical Christians, or as I like to call them, White ISIS. They are so Holy and sanctified and hate every one that isn't white a white man or white woman.  Do you think it matters or do you think they would mind if I told them that the Jesus they worship actually looks like the Middle Eastern people that they insult and try to harm everyday?  Maybe I should go ask one.  

We've got fake GI Joes running around, or I think they call themselves Militias, who arm and equip themselves to the teeth. But they sit around and shoot on a damn farm or in the woods worrying about "liberals" taking their guns.  If you're that tough and want to go to war so bad, why don't you enlist?  Both my parents did, they actually fought real enemies that shot back, not dummies, not deer, but real enemies abroad.  And to make them feel even more emboldened and boost their egos, the Republican led government would rather let them continue to arm up, threaten folks and the governement, and make it easier for mass shooters (who are almost always white men by the way) to run amok while the police sit around a pick up the pieces and dead bodies from the aftermath always looking perplexed, questioning how it all happens when they were more trigger happy and eager to jump in the "path of danger" with young black children or men who are unnarmmed.  

But it's all good because if there's one thing that I do believe in, it's Black Excellence.  I do believe that we will move past this and endure.  Partially because not much has changed for us in America.  And the other part is because I'm black.  There are certain things that come with being black. Yeah being black in America means I will not be treated as an equal by the police or in the way the law or our political system is implemeted.  Yes being black means most of White America will be afraid of me simply because of the way I look and many will always be suspicious of me.  Yes, because I'm black some may say that since you can't tell whether or not I'm white or black by simply looking at my name on a job application, is an advantage because it could dictate whether or not I will get called for an interview.  Being black also means I was born with a strength and power that no one else has.  

Being black means I've been born with an ability to live with pressure that no one else has had to live with or persevere through.  I live with the pressure of having to work twice as hard just to get the same recognition of someone who is white who happens to do the same work.  I live with a pressure of knowing that when I'm exceptional, people will see me as the exception to my race and may still refuse to see the same in the rest of my race.  I live with the pressure of knowing that If I make a mistake, I will have to hear "He's just like the rest of them" and that will leave a negative mark or brand on the legacy for the rest of Black America.  

I live with the pressure of knowing that what ever I do, it cannot be just for me. I'm representing an entire nation of black folks.  I even have to live with the pressure of knowing that even immigrants that look like me, that come from Africa, don't even look at me as kinfolk because they view me as either a colonized mind or they have been trained by the media to believe that Black American's are either criminals, gang bangers, drug addicts and dealers and the only successful versions of us are those that play sports, dance, or rap and sing. I'm bold enough to take the good with the bad, because with all the bad there is, my ancestors did enough good to make it possible for me to shine and persevere as well. I know that if they could make it through their tough times then I damn sure better do the same.  

So yeah, the game has changed or stayed the same.  It all depends on who you are and what lens you may be looking through.  All I know is whatever the game is, I was built for this.  Whatever the game is, my people aren't new to this, we are true to this.  Whatever the game is, I'm black so that means I'm clutch when it counts.  Whatever the game is, even though it's changed, the goal is still the same.  And that's to come out a winner in the end just like I was born to be, just like my people have always been and will continue to be.