Their Best Interests, Are In Fact, Against Practical Interests

There always seems to be some sort of confusion anytime I see someone trying to rationalize a Donald Trump Supporter.  There's always an excuse for the reason they voted for him and always some pundit on CNN trying to legitimize Trump supporter's reasoning for continuing to back him despite the fact that he seems to be going against everything that these so called disenfranchised, white working class American's need to feel like they are getting a fair shake in the world again.  I've heard it said that the issue is that they feel they've been ignored and are tired of being snubbed by the elite (despite the person they voted for is a draft dodging elitist).  I've heard it explained that what they want are more opportunities for jobs as well as the jobs they already have to stay in America instead of being outsourced.  

Indeed, when you look at it from the aforementioned perspective, it can be confusing.  It can seem like these people are rooting for someone who believes in the exact opposite of what they want and need.  I've heard time and time again that Trump supporters "Voted against their own interests." I believe that to only be true when you refuse to look at it from the lens that what they really want, has nothing to to do with their financial and economic stability in mind. What Trump supporters cling to more than anything, what they identify and value more than anything else is their whiteness, along with the belief that financial security, health care, and jobs aren't as important as upholding an image and or feeling that being white gives them a power and advantage over anyone else in the world.

In the mind of a Trump supporter, having a job is important.  It's just not as important as deporting Mexican American immigrants. In a Trump supporter's mind, having a job is important.  It's just not as important as voting someone in office who will help outsource the job that keeps their family fed and roof over their head, as long as he will take away welfare that they believe is being exploited by minorities when in fact it's actually utilized more by their fellow white citizens in Republican states and corporations more than anyone else in the nation.  In the mind of a Trump supporter, keeping American values intact is important.  It's just not as important as allowing an alleged rapist and admitted sexual assaulter to hold office as long as he plans to ban Muslim immigrants from countries which in fact, aren't the source of terrorism unlike the countries that he himself has a financial stake in.  

Trump supporters aren't confusing at all.  They're actually very basic and simple.  They do vote in their best interest.  Because their best interests lie in upholding a false sense of superiority which is formed through racism and xenophobia.  To Trump supporters healthcare is very important.  They really do understand they need it.  Once again though, it fails in comparison to their desire to stick it to the "liberals", who think it's wrong to march through cities carrying tiki torches, shouting racial epithets.  When Trump got elected they felt empowered like they've never felt before. Every closet racist and homophobe was able to come out and proudly proclaim their ignorance to the world.  For too long they've had to fake the funk and smile when they've really wanted to frown and speak to that immigrant neighbor when they've actually wanted to spit at them and disparage them. 

For all too long Trump supporters have wanted to openly blame minorites and immigrants for their innability to land or keep jobs when in fact, in most cases the reason they were unable to land jobs is because of their lack of skills compared to the up and coming, better trained and well equipped women and monorities who have entered the work force. With Trump in office, his supporters, along with the party of self responsibility (Republicans), can do everything but hold themselves accountable and take responsibility for their own failures.  

Now that I've spelled it out, is it easier for you to understand Trump supporters?  They voted for him because they enjoy the lies and fake reality provided them by Fox news and the Republican Party.  They enjoy the false dream that they can and should all be rich, even though the basic principles of the capitalistic America they claim to know and love, means that for capitalism to truly work, someone has to be on the top and someone has to be at the bottom.  Since the one percent is an exclusive club which plans to remain exclusively at the top, that same one percent will never allow these working class whites to join their ranks no matter how much of their soul they sell.  You don't believe me?  Look at all the legislation the Republican party has passed and the behest of the lobbyist and donors and you tell me if any of it is structured to allow that poor coal minor to one day make $400,000 a year.

Trump supporters did in fact, not vote against their own interests.  Their interests are prioritized in expressing their racist, xenophobic, and homophobic ideas and desires more than anything else.  Trump supporters interests lie in prioritizing their whiteness and feeling superior to any other race.  The interest of the Trump supporter is to continue to live in an America that doesn't exist.  An America in a false reality which says their whiteness reigns supreme. A false reality that will keep a roof over their head when the pay checks stop coming and medical treatment accessible when they have no insurance.  

To them, simply being white should solve all these problems.  So for the last time, I'm begging you, stop saying Trump supporters voted against their own interests.  Stop being so confused by their antics and tactics.  Because the average Donald Trump supporter will continue to show you on a daily basis, who they are, what they are, and what they truly want.