Projects And Passions....

I'm at my happiest when I'm in the midst of creation.  As I've written before in a post about a year ago, I woke up one day to discover that I'm a creator.  I'm at my best when I'm using my imagination and creativity to develop something in this world that sometimes seems like it's out of this world. Because I know this about myself, I'm always in the middle or beginning of some sort of project, whether it's painting, writing in this blog, designing some sort of logo on my laptop, or sketching out clothing designs in my note pad.  

Most of my friends are creative people from all walks of life, who express their creativity in many different ways.  Ways that I envy as a matter of fact as I believe some of their gifts have made a way for them in their lives that my creative ability has yet to make for me.  Who knows, maybe one day that will be the case for me as well.

I believe surrounding myself with creatives only fuels my own imagination in a way that can only be described as quixotic at times.  The process itself serves as a therapuetic tool for me, relaxing me, putting my mind at ease as I'm able to expel the thousands and thousands of ideas that come into my consciousness over the course of a day or week, aching to be put to use.  Sometimes I'm pleased with the finished product and sometimes I wish to bury it, never to be seen again (the latter happens more times than not because I'm a perfectionist, almost never pleased with a lot of my work).  Lately I've begun a new project that I'm especially excited about and I've grown increasingly pleased with so far.

As of two weeks ago, I've started a podcast with one of my good friends.  I have to admit that it was actually his idea to start, as he raised the idea about a month ago after reading one of my blog posts.  After sitting and thinking about it for a few minutes I thought, what the hell?  Why not?  Another avenue to speak my mind and share my ideas to the world outside of the words that I share with you in this blog would be kind of cool.  It was also a chance to work and use my need to be engaged in a project in a more collaborative fashion with someone I appreciate and respect.  It was a chance to work with someone in a collaborative process who shared different opinions and ideas than I do, comes from a vastly different back ground as I do, but also thought enough of my work through this blog to want to embark on a new creative journey with me.

After we made the decision to go forth with the process, I had an instant feeling of joy to be honest with you.  After all I'm a creator, and I get to create something new.  I get to share something new with you all that may also bring you further into my world and incite into how my mind works.  The title of our podcast is "Two Dope Boyz With No Cadillac", a slight play on words from one of my favorite Outkast songs "Two Dope Boyz (In a Cadillac)", and we've completed two episodes so far.  We started out putting it out on Soundcloud and now it's on both both SoundCloud and Itunes.  For some reason that makes me feel more official, lol.

We've been getting great support from friends and family and some great critique from folks as well.  It's our first time doing this type of project so quite naturally there were some hiccups here and there (The first episode my voice was too low and I heard time and time again that I needed to speak louder into the mic next time, lol).  And the more I find myself in the process of promoting it, developing talking points for following episodes and concepts that would make it better, I've discovered that this is turning into a passion within my passion for creation!

For someone whose projects are his passions, It's funny to me that although my projects typically mean me working by myself using everything but my verbal accumen has turned into me passionatley engaging in a project where I'm speaking to the world not via paint, pad, paper or pen, but by microphone and co-hosting at that!  But hey, when you find your passion, you just have to go with it right?  I'm going with mine, are you going with yours?